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Smartphone backup decreasing solutions

Bought a new smartphone? Within a few days of purchasing your smartphone, backup has started to decreasing gradually? Thinking of moving to a service center with your new smartphone? When using a smartphone regularly, a few mistakes can cause this problem. You may not know what you are doing to your smartphone battery without your knowledge. The solution needed to overcome these and how to get the solutions? Let’s talk about ways to solutions of smartphone backup problems.

Charging all night

At the end of the day, when the charge on the smartphone is finished, many people go to sleep at night by charging it. But when the smartphone is charged all night, the battery life of the phone is reduced. As a result, the effects of backup will begin to take effect within a few months. After 90% charge, disconnect the smartphone from the charger, the battery will be in good health.

Don’t use duplicate chargers

If the original charger is bad or lost, many people charge the phone by buying the current low-cost charger. Charging a smartphone using a fake or low-cost charger, on the one hand as the battery is likely to explode, on the other hand, the phone’s chipset and display may be worse. So use the original charger when charging a smartphone.

For example, you are using a Samsung phone. If it’s lost and if you doesn’t get the Samsung phone’s original charger, You can use the original charger of Xiaomi Redmi, Symphony or any other android company. But stop using less expensive chargers in the market today. Otherwise you will damage the battery on your smartphone yourself.

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Use right Chargers

On the original charger of the company named, the output will always be written. Check the output of the old charger when purchasing a new charger. You can see 5V 1A or 5V 2A like this. It is better not to use a voltage charger than the original charger. While smartphones charge faster on high voltage chargers, it can reduce battery life. It may take a few months for backup to take effect.

However, if your phone has Quick Charge support, and if the company does not offer Quick Charger with the phone, then buying a separate Quick Charger and charging it will result in smartphone charge immediately. However in that case the battery will not be damaged. However, be sure to adjust the Quick Charge version when purchasing a new charger.

Avoid using Adapters

Suppose you have to charge using a USB Type-C port on your smartphone. But due to the charger of several older Micro USB ports at home, I started charging smartphones regularly using an adapter. As a result, the battery life of the smartphone can be gradually reduced. Try to charge using a USB Type C port cable. Avoid using adapters when charging, if you are not in danger.



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